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Please click on this link to sign up to bring a meal or to sign up for our Fundraising day at the Linn County Fair on Saturday June 29th from 2-11! We need over 20 people to help volunteer! We will receive a $750 donation for CWH Impact Fund. This fund helps our residents when no one else can. Gas money, medical co-pay, insurance and more can be covered by this fund!
Nothing is More Important Than a Home

Our mission is to assist people in need of food, shelter, and help for a better tomorrow. Our guests receive shelter for 30-90 days regardless of religion, ethnicity, age or reason for homelessness. Along with shelter, we provide our residents two meals each day as well as help in finding a job or housing. We connect them with community resources such as education, transportation, employment, child care, healthcare and social services. When they obtain more permanent housing, we try to supply them with household items and resources to make that transition as smooth as possible.


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Your monetary donation helps us improve our home, purchase supplies, stock our kitchen cupboards and so much more. Thank you for your support!