We Can Help

Our mission is to assist married couples, single women and single mother’s in need of shelter, food and help for a better tomorrow. Our guests receive shelter regardless of religion, ethnicity, age or reason for homelessness. Along with shelter, we provide guests two meals each day as well as help in finding a job or housing. We connect our clients with community resources such as education, transportation, employment, child care, Department of Human Services, healthcare and social services.

We have the clients meet every Monday with our house manager. During this time they work together to discuss goals, housing, employment, education and any other problems that may arise. They formulate a weekly plan so that life doesn’t seem as overwhelming. We also make referrals for other agencies as needed. After each client has been with us for more than a week and it is determined they will not be able to secure housing without rental assistance then an assessment will be completed to help establish a plan for housing.

If you are a single woman or a married couple, with or without children, you are eligible for housing with Catholic Worker House.

As a guest of the Catholic Worker House, you are always informed of your rights and responsibilities.

Your rights include:

  • being treated kindly and respectfully by house personnel and other guests
  • confidential treatment of your personal history and needs
  • reasonable response to your requests
  • ability to share any concerns related to your safety, comfort or well-being

As a guest of the Catholic Worker House, you are expected to comply with house rules, perform daily chores, abide by curfew rules and actively seek employment. While you are here, we attempt to provide the stepping stones to a better life. Once you have located a new residence, the Catholic Worker House staff will assist you with resources and food from our emergency pantry to get you started in your new home.

Our check-in procedure for all clients starts with a call to Shelter Services at 319-366-7999, preferably between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. This is the first step in the process of getting into shelter. If you are told to come to the Catholic Worker House to check in, you will need to do so by 2 p.m.  so we have time to use laundry facilities before the current clients come in. If you work during these hours, please call Larissa at 319-362-9041 to make arrangements for an alternate intake time.