Fall 2016: My Journey to the Catholic Worker House

A funny thing happened on my way to growing up. For the majority of my life, I’ve been a fully supporting individual with stable, gainful employment and the ability to provide a home for my family. But about ten years ago, I developed a serious problem with alcohol and subsequently, over time, managed to [...]

Ms. Mary

Normally, the amount of time of stay at Catholic Worker House is 30 days for single women and 60 days for families. Occasionally, we have someone who has a need that is much different from our average client. When I met Ms. Mary in May 2014, I knew we were in for a long [...]

Our Guest Julie

Julie came to the house in late October 2009 with 11-year-old son Timothy and 9-year-old daughter Sierra. Julie and her children had been staying with her parents since leaving their apartment when Julie lost her job. During this time, Julie also received an OWI and was just starting substance abuse treatment at St. Luke’s [...]

Talk About Thankful!

Martina Kelm came to us in August 2010. Her son Nathaniel was 10 months old at the time, and she was 12 weeks pregnant with her next son, Parker. Martina had suffered from a long history of IV meth use, sexual abuse and abandonment. Almost since birth, Martina has faced trials and tribulations. Martina [...]

Homeword Bound

Sarah came to us in May 2013. When she first came to us, she had one of four children here with her. Her children are 19, 16, 5 and 2. Her family was split up due to unemployment and not having an apartment of their own. They had not had their own place together [...]

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