Summer 2016: Paying It Forward

Recently my employer, Cedar Rapids Bank and Trust, launched a new initiative for its employees to "Be Exceptional". In order to get us started on our new goal, the Bank gifted each of us with $50 cash, with the only stipulation being to "Pay It Forward". For those who don't know, the concept [...]

Summer 2016: Thank You For Your Contributions To Our Cause To Help Others

To make sure as much of the money we receive as possible goes to providing food and shelter to the homeless, we do not have a development director or a huge administrative staff. We have only one full time and two part time employees. Our board of directors, our fellow parishioners and community [...]

Summer 2016: Who Cares About The Homeless?

Ever since the St. John of the Cross Catholic Worker Community of Cedar Rapids, Iowa Inc. opened the doors of the Catholic Worker House, we have been blessed with donors who care about those who have nowhere to go and feel helpless. Whether our donors realize it, their contributions turn into a nice bed [...]

Summer 2016: The Name of God is Mercy

We practice Mercy through concrete acts of charity. The Church lists seven "corporal" and "spiritual" works of "mercy", which must be performed by the faithful. The Corporal acts of Mercy are found in the work of education, hospice care, caring for the sick, feeding the hungry, visiting the imprisoned, looking after the lonely. [...]

Fall 2015: To Have a Home

When one works in a homeless shelter, disappointments are often. I wish we could have space for every person who needed it. Unfortunately, it is not the case. So when I received a call in early June from a woman who wanted to donate her home, I was speechless! The home was a 3 [...]

Fall 2015: Jim Theisen Comes Thru Again for CWH

Mr. Theisen sent a directed grant donation to CWH for new appliances. With his generous gift we were able to replace all the old refrigerators and freezers in the house! We now have the largest refrigerator we could fit in our kitchen. In addition, we have a huge freezer for the house in the [...]

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